Why not make a casual online mode without a level cap?

I've reached level 10 and am now locked out of the casual deathmatch mode and am now forced to enter matches against 'hardcore' players.  I say 'hardcore' because they like to assume that because they have a higher K/D ratio than me that it really means something other than little bits of digital statistics.  I was having a ton of fun in the casual games, had a 1/1 K/D ratio which means I wasn't a top player but I was holding my own, but I was having fun.  Now if I actually would like to play online I'm forced into lobbies and games with players who really take the game seriously and if you don't perform to their level of expectation I get nasty or derogatory messages mid match.  I'm not good and I know it, but I have fun.  I was never good at COD (lifetime .8 K/D ratio) but never once did I get hassled for it, yet for some reason a lot of these kids who've barely reached the age that they've stopped suckling at their mums feel a need to act like their 'mad skillz' will get them far in life.  People wonder why so many players play without mics, that's the reason I do (that and idiots who think they're cool by blasting music in the background or screeching into open mics.)  IMO they should just create a casual lobby with no limits so everyone can get what they want, I'll keep my poor skills out of your lobbies and everyone will be happy.  BTW my typical loadout is the retro lancer and the gnasher shotty and yes I love playing with the 'overpowered' weapon drops.


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You could just hit quick match and sit in a party if the kids bother you. They'll move on once MW3 is out.

Yeah the gears community can be pretty hard on your average player. But as long as you're a team player and aren't stealing my executions you won't ever hear anything negative from me and my buddies. Feel free to add man.  

See, that's part of the problem as well, I love playing as a team...sending three or four into a room with cover and sweeping the area.  Unfortunately I'm constantly matched up with lobbies of 11 other player who play run and gun shotgun deathmatch which I don't do well at.  So even if I try to follow one or two random players and provide cover fire I'm usually flanked by three or four guys storming at me from all angles shotties ablazing.  I don't know that I've ever stolen an execution but I also don't lay off the clip until I see the second number pop up for the kill.  I hate having matches where I have 3 kills and 9 downs with 5 deaths.  Drives me nuts that I put down 12 players and get credit for 3 kills.

I was upset when I graduated from casual matches.(I didnt graduate till level 20) But try doing what Unreal said and just do quick matches. IMO the players there are less brutal then in ranked matches

Will definitely give that a try!

And oh you gotta get use to SG battles. Thats the game man. Except for maps like trenches where Mortars, one shots and longshots are used alot more

You know what else sucks about these type people.  They're the same one's who when you get downed, get behind you and act like they're doing you, or have you giving them head.  What's the point in that.  Why do people act like that's funny or cool.

Its been a sad trend in all of the past Gears titles i'm afraid. Usually out of skilless rage or just to what i say to people, "Makes them able to sleep at night." lol.    I usually just laugh it off cause i either get revenge on them soon after or if they're doing it and get blasted away by a nearby teammate.