Why MW3 seems less attractive...

It's not necessarily the game itself, nor the property.  I mean who can argue with 60 fps and good controls and an exciting storyline?  I love the game and how it feels.  In my own opinion the problems with the series and why I am looking for other alternatives is simply this.

1.  Activisions business decisions and pricing model coupled with them not integrating dedicated servers.  Just being plain cheap and nickel & diming the consumer.

2.  The community culture of this game is defiled by hackers, and cheap players in general always looking to compromise the system as a whole for their own ends at the expense of the average player.  Dedicated servers could help solve this.  I believe this is the main reason which sows much disinterst in it's future.  By the same token these exploits are depended upon by cheap players so that they can help enable their addiction to cheap play.  It's such a logistical nightmare.

3.  The quality of the game from console to console is seriously slipping.  The PS3 version of MW2 was a beauty as well as the 360.  Somehow BLOPS was gimped on the PS3 and enhanced for the 360.  Just plain lazy and is an insult to gamers like myself who own both consoles and appreciate each.

There are a few other issues I could discuss but I decided to only list the most poignant.



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its not attractive simply because of the rubbish they call mw2

Exciting storyline?

Its COD.................nothing more can be said really. I dont think any big changes are headed our way until a NexGen console gets released. Until then, just more of the same (but alittle newer). The community is the worst, no doubt, but there is good within it too (its just hard to find it).

I like the story.. I guess it's aimed more at people who watch alot of movies, though. I noticed that they seem to implement a lot of stuff that you'd see in a summer blockbuster.

kinect where do you get your theories lol..a school magazine? they have been doing the same in video games for years..there is nothing new in mw3..its all in mw2 (worse cod ever)

To be honest I really don't see why people become so fixated on dedicated servers - to provide any sort of decent service they are going to have to provide servers in every major area (for the time being lets class the scope of an area as a country) with serious comms in order to process, sync and rattle out the data without any noticeable lag. It is simply impractical - the idea of smart client (peer) technology where lobbies are crafted around localised networks thus providing million's of points across the global is a much better solution which is already in place today. Yes, there are people out there who abuse this system to their own advantage but that would be nothing compared to 10,000's if not millions of people connected to a couple of connection points per area.

Seriously, stop harping on about dedicated gaming servers - it doesn't work.

Well, if videogames have been doing this for years, why target only COD with that kind of hate? Also, MW2 is a great game.

I am not sure what you mean, it is well known that MW2/Black Ops etc have a much higher user base than the vast majority of online games out there hence the higher rate of complaints relating to COD. While BF2 may use centralised servers for lobby tracking the actual game hosting is based on peer technology similar to MW2. I suspect the centralised server tech is used for MW2 lobby tracking too otherwise the ban hammer would find it near impossible to historically trace hacked lobbies.

they added quickscoping in....... i aint buying it now.

kinect what do you when you go to bed at night..snuggle up with your mw2 box..stop being a fanboy and go out and get a gf and have fun like you should be doing at your age..instead of playing every daylight hour on a senseless video game.

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