WHY Multi-Player???

This game has been well established as a SOLO game.


But, now, Crystal Dynamics decides to put in co-op play and 15 of the achievements are dependent on that mode.


In all  of the developers' interviews I've seen, their response to the question: "We felt it was time."


That's it??  Or are they just trying to ride on Uncharted's multi-player popularity?


So much for our favourite heroine playing alone!


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Calm down. The single hasn't been left in the dust to focus on multiplayer. They had a guy dedicated to it all for a while, trying to figure out how to work things out in it. To me, it looks fun and will be a nice distraction to do when I'm not in the mood of raiding tombs or scavenging for salvage or more. The game looks amazing and I highly doubt it'll fall short due to one aspect of it.

I personally think the multiplayer looks fun. I hear much talk of it resembling that of Uncharted's, but I personally find little comparison and feel the multiplayer will be very entertaining. I really like multiplayer games but I like single player games as well. To me, the multiplayer is just the icing on the cake.

I'm with foodman, looks fun and will probably have a blast on it once used to it

I'm sure they felt the need to tack it on like most developers these days, but we will see how good or bad it is soon. I read a few early hands on previews of the mp and they said is was meh, but I can't wait to see for myself.


I'm not thrilled with the addition of MP to Tomb Raider either.

However, it won't affect my experience with the game at all.

If the MP really is good, that's great. I'll probably enjoy it.

If the MP really is tacked on and unoriginal, then I won't play it.

I'll still enjoy the SP campaign, which is the reason I'm picking up TR in the first place.

MP is bolted-on to games like this to try to stop you from selling it on when you've finished the story. Why? Well, because you will damage other new sales for one, also if you keep the game you will obviously be more likely to buy DLC.

No publisher will put money (development time) into a game just  to keep up the neighbours.