Why is there no Save+ option after you beat Deus Ex:HR?

I'm not sure about you guys but I put well over thirty hours of game play into this game. I'm going to say that this will end up on many of the gaming communites top 10 lists for 2011, with that said though I have to say that I'm very disappointed with the dev team on how there is no way to restart this awesome game with the augs, weapons and money that you took so long to find through the first run.

I'm not sure why this wasn't added in this day and age but is anyone else feeling the same way as me?


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Someone didnt pay close attention to the game's story.Those augs  were all shut off save but a few because his brain was not able to handle all the new augments at once.They would later turn on as his brain became more acquainted with them hence the exp points.

He could sometimes force them on with accelerated praxxis software given to him by LIMB clinics and in world items.So to start a new game with everything turned on would require a whole new backstory which probably wouldnt work and also they wanted to capture the feel of the first game Warren Spector and his brilliant team did and that game didnt have a NG+.

And having all those augs and cash and weapons would make a second play through way too easy. Even on hard right now it is very easy.

because not all games need a + new game.