Anyone have this happen????


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Yea stopped playing was doing my head in, keeps jumping back like 20secs!

Me to man it happen just now

Yeah been like that all day for me,c4'ed a tank,ran back and blew it,froze,couple secs later i'd comitted suicide and the tank was half way across the map.

I havent experience anything like that but it does lag or something when I zoom in and like sidestep.   Really annoying made me quit last night..  This game is gone to ***. Everybody *** about everything and of course they listen to the whine baby's and change everything.  Ex: the new "kits" you can buy.  What happen to playing the game to unlock items.  Now we have some level 1 with EVERYTHING under the sun. This game and dice is making me move to a different game every update.... Anyways,  Sorry for jacking your post I guess I just needed to vent...

Its bad... really bad...

I reported it on their forums, lets see...  battlelog.battlefield.com/.../2832654489683933867

I live on the west coast, and oddly enough I lag on western servers, but connect to European servers just fine. Guess bf3 servers are on the fritz.

it reminds me of the first Bad Company game . not seen lag this bad for a long time . it sucks that i can not play on the server that i'm paying for because of lag .

The lag is caused by the rush of MW3 noobs rushing back to BF3 after the noob friendly  patch  :(