Why is the TLAD multiplayer dead?

I love The Lost and Damned and find the multiplayer way more interesting than the regular game, however when I try to play I occasionally come across one or two players and that is it. Why doesn't anyone play? It's a pain.

apologies if this topic is brought up regularly


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This kinda topic isn't brought up normally so thanks for contributing an original topic to the forum. Secondly, IMO, the reason why people prefer GTA: IV original and TBoGT more is because there is more to do. TLaD is one of the DLC that R* really "skimped" out on. There are no new vehicles in multiplayer, the game modes are boring, and lastly, the main reason, IMO, is because players who have Episodes From Liberty City can't play with those who have the DLC version, which means that R* screwed up royally with "syncing" versions, IMO.


I'd have to say it is this "syncing" problem that has left many gamers to abandon playing on TLaD and move onto GTA: IV original and TBoGT, but both of those are now overrun with modders, so TLaD is actually a GREAT place to AVOID modders!

Some people probably don't play because they haven't bothered paying for the DLC.

One of the biggest deterrents though was that DLC TLaD and EFLC TLaD are two different versions apparently, so if you and your friends don't have the same version, you can't play together; same goes for others players. If you have the DLC version and your friend has EFLC TLaD, you won't be able to play together; same with other players. They fixed this, however, with TBoGT, which can be accessed through either version.

If you have the Disc version you can not play with the people who have the digital DLC, I tried this with my friend and it does not allow you to join for whatever reason. However they allow TBoGT to play together makes my head hurt a little honestly.

I can confirm this though. Digital download can not play with the retail disc of TLaD.

Simple; they fixed the version problem that was in TLaD in TBoGT.

^ Sometimes wish there was a better population on TLaD I like the Bikes, the guns, and characters look cool, although they run like a fool.

Same here. You don't see any modders on TLaD, which is one reason I still check there to see if anyone is playing. I think you find more players with EFLC than DLC-TLaD.

I don't like modders, expet for PC for LCPDFR purposes