Why is the Season Pass for Blops 2 so expensive?

I pre-ordered the game, Hardened Edition and got it on the release date. Of course, with it came Nuketown for multiplayer and zombies. Well first off, I know many people were mad that the NT 24/7 thing got changed to a moshpit playlist... I was a bit peeved, only because I was under the impression that it being 24/7 was exclusive for those that pre-ordered. Now that months have passed, I realized that I payed about 100 dollars for stupid "collector's" coins, the actual videogame, and a stupid map that I could easily find in the first BO. The best part of pre-ordering was zombie's on Nuketown, but it's kind of easy. I got to level 30 the first week I played with one other guy. That being said, now the Season Pass is 60 DOLLARS! WHY??? I thought it was a glitch on the Xbox Marketplace at first. Seriously, why the hell would I want to spend 60 dolllars more on a game that has already pissed me off so much? I'd rather save that money and buy one of the upcoming videogame's being released. Am I the only one who thinks this is outrageous, or are there others out there? Also...when will COD end? How long until they can stop repackaging the same game over and over again?

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Well of course, they're not forcing me to buy the games. But the thing is, I want to. I play these games, and want to experience them when they come out.

That wasn't the point of my rant. I don't feel cornered into spending the money, just irked that it cost so much. Not just for me, but for SO many more kids and adults. Not everyone has the money to spend. And it sucks, because I know people with lower income that should have an opportunity to play the same game others do. Or not even access to a computer to find deals and reward programs!I know what you might say...that that's why one should get a job, or save up the money for these packs, but there are other things that have to be paid for as well, such as bills and rent. All I WISH for, is for these industries to become less money hungry and more community friendly. You can say it's simple as that, but it's not right. At least a dlc pass for 30 bucks would be acceptable. Halo 4's pass was 25.

Yes, of course...

^ That.

Just as an FYI, no one is forcing you to buy the game every year and no one is forcing you to buy the season pass. The gaming industry is a business, and businesses are in it to make money. So as long as they keep making money they will keep making the game. Simple.

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its bops 2, not blops.

It costs 60$ now? I thought in only cost 40 maybe 50$ for the season pass. It cost me nothing like 5$ because I'm part of a bunch of rewards programs and already had plenty of Microsoft points on my account. All I know is that if you pay for it you save I think like ten bucks on the map packs overall. I also know that the prices for the CoD map packs are ridiculously high which is why I'm glad I'm part of these rewards programs because I can get a lot of points through them and they can greatly reduce the cost of just straight up buying map packs. I'd advise you try signing up for bing rewards or something like that if you haven't. Don't have to waist as much of your money on games.

Cause people, mostly those described in Bersek58's post, are willing to pay the asking price. Just that simple.

Black Ops isn't for you, it's for the kids who can get their parent's credit cards so they'll download EVERYTHING without thinking. And as long as they're 14 year olds who've seen pistols and rifles somewhere, they'll never quit the godawful CoD franchise.