Why is the attachment progression bar greyed out

Whenever I use M27 IAR and look at the progression bar for the unlocks, it's always greyed out as if I had already unlocked all the attachments for it. The thing is, I haven't. I'm at 6 out of 18 with only 52 kills so I'm far from maxed. This is the only gun having this problem and I want to know the reason.


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I get this problem too! It's a bug in the game! it used to be for the AUG A3 but they patched it! Don't worry about it but if you aren't getting teh unlocks you might want to contact Dice or battlefield on twitter. @Battlefield is the official twitter and they will normally answer quite quickly!

When I played the progression bar was grayed out but it still moves and I still unlock stuff, if the progression bar is moving and you continue to unlock stuff don't worry to much about it.