Why is Ranked multiplayer not fun at all?

Everyone in it is really good. :(


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Play disallow, then start complaining. :D

Wow, sometimes I find some games where everyone isn't good at all.

And I should know cause I am not that good.

If I can win a game, everyone isn't that good, lol.

Keep looking and don't give up.

The game has been out a long time. Lots of people have been playing a lot longer than you. It takes time to get better.

Are you playing regular GTA4? or TBoGT(Ghay Tony DLC).

I find that TBoGT's ranked matches are so much more improved and FUN.  Also playing w/ Disabled auto-aim is much more fair.

GTA 4 I fed up because most people use cheat by computer like everything on multilayer.

One word: Headshot

I never play ranked matches.  I did once, and I got my butt kicked.  In my opinion, player matches are much better.  I just like to be able to play a game and have a good time, and not have to worry about ranks or anything.  Anyone agree?  :)

because its ranked matches so everyone takes it very serious. i hate ranked anything its a waste of time and you arent gonna get anything for it