Why is my W/L 0.00?

Anybody else have this issue? I got on the forums and noticed my signature was weirdly different.

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Oh and yesterday my account was default for a couple of seconds when I started up Reach. What does all this mean? I'm really curious.

The site probably hasn't fully uploaded the information from Bungie.net. It should fix itself soon.


From your second question, it's because the game is still loading the information from the server at the time you see it.

Yea? Even if I had this sig for awhile?

Yes, the sig banner has to update itself from the site that hosts it. And that same site has to get the stats from Bungie.net. If it doesn't update for a prolonged period of time, best to let the site owners know about it.

I saw someone's the other day who had a 0.00 W/L and ZERO betrayals with almost 1500 games played. I don't know if it's even possible to have no betrayals with that many games played. So yeah, it's probably just a little glitch on the website. Maybe you can report the problem to the website and they can look into fixing it.

Okay thanks for the help.

The second thing is nothing to worry about at all, lol. Interesting to think you've never seen it before while I and many others are more than familiar with it though.