why is it nobody can beat me?

i am trying to find someone on here to beat me in the game. i have slowly, but surely become bored and im trying to get back into it, but nobody can seem to "bring it" or "kick my @@@" i am so tired of winning...i challenge whoever to please bring me back down to the inner circle of those who suck at need for speed.


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Cool story.  And I see you play Hack Ops too?

With that "Charlie Big Potatoes" talk and your epic fail of a gamerscore, you are truly an XBox LIVE hero.

I suspect you were one of those Interceptor Jammer Spammers who used to win by hiding and jamming aren't you?  Try a real mode online nowadays and you'll get knocked down that peg you so badly need.

Oh, and if you're not in the top 100 players in the world, then don't come in here saying everyone else "sucks".  Games are not a way of life for everyone (you seem to be the exception) so before you talk the talk, make sure you can actually walk the walk first.

And before your ego bursts and you come back with a "1v1" fail post, don't waste your fingers.  Real players don't give it verbal as they don't need to.




You just smoked that guy Smoke :)

first of all i truely dont care about gamerscores. i wake up, go to work, come home, and wind down by playing xbox 360. i know im not the best in the world, but i havent been able to find anyone to beat me in interceptor twice in a row in a long time... No i dont use "mods or hacks or whatever the hell those are (idont even know how to do that) and if you were paying attention to my post i never said i was the best...i am trying to find someone who is good enough to beat me fair and square so that i can gain a friend to play with that actually gives me a run for my money. so if YOU want to "walk the walk" or "talk the talk" invite me to interceptor and put your forum post where your mouth is.

interceptor? nah - if you think you're good come see me in a hyper race

....Thats not the point. i didnt say i was good at the game. i said i was looking for someone to beat me interceptor...personally i suck at races. interceptor is a true 1V1.

i say races are true 1v1s as it shows driving skill not spam or power-ups

either way good races and good game of interceptors

but I'm the champion of both lol

hmmm would anyone with the Super Sports Pack care to add me so I can have a go at beating your Veyron times please? :) oh and some interceptor races would be a laugh too!

yep, ill be glad to beat u at interceptor.

hey now, i said 2 in a row. u mastered the racing, however my post was about someone beating me two in a row...so far, i am still the champ.

yeah... but won the 1st one then the second (for the two in a row) was more the game *** me then an actual skill win. hence the winner take all on the 3rd which i won.

but as it was actually quite fun, i'd more then happily do interecepor again to get a 2 in a row.......

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