Why Gears of War is all about mental instability.

I thought I'd re post this for those of you who didn't see it before they overhauled the forums. 


It all dawned on me when Gears of War 2 came out. The very mental fabric of both the COG and the Locust was revealed to me with one simple phrase.

"Revive me!"

This cry for help made me realize so many things about the way the citizens of Sera function.

In Gears of War 1, characters never shouted out to be revived. They started doing this in Gears of War 2, and continue to do it in Gears of War 3.

The first time I heard this a lot of questions came into my head.

How exactly are they being revived after falling to their hands and knees from taking to much gunfire?

None of the characters in the game are medically trained. The only thing they have training in is killing and flexing. 

The act of reviving a downed teammate is as extensive as slapping him on the quantum singularity and saying something encouraging like "Get back in the game!" "Stand up like a man!" "Fight through the pain!" and other such things.


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Looking at the psychology of the characters in the Gears of War games in my opinion isn't mental instability. For example the COG team members after being shot a certain number of times fall to their hands and knees and call-out "Revive Me". To give the other COG team members a chance to rescue them before they're taken down completely and wait the 8-10 seconds (which in the middle of a match it feels more like 8 or 10 minutes) needed to respawn.

If you look at it as a game mechanic? Than the down time and brief revive time are the most efficient ways bring a fallen team member back from having to go through the time and irritation it takes to respawn. Because of how the Gears of War games are designed a character being downed and the time and procedure that it takes to be revived has be pared down to just the short hand version. Along with whatever audibles the characters call-out in the process.

In my opinion the character being downed and the short process it takes to revive them along with whatever audibles the characters call-out are completely results of the mechanics of the Gears of War games.

Or you know....it could just be to added to the game for aesthetics and let others know that you need to be revived.....

It was satirical....

i only read half of your post, i didnt think u were gonna go with this angle but i will still respond to it

the only reason they have those quotes is because ppl didnt give a *** about you in gears 1 gears 1 is a "rambo"-type game

a good player can kill at least half the team with shotgun every round

gears 2 and 3 they are trying to make the game more team-based

regardless of whether or not your post was satirical you still wrote a very long blog and felt the need to state the obvious behind the game design choices

i thought ur post was gunna be about how many gears players get nervous and choke wen they have someone running at them, especially if its with shotgun, people need to learn to calm themselves, wait for their shot, and stay "mentally stable"