Why don't games come on pen drives?

Maybe I'm being naive here, but it's something I've thought about for a while and discussed with friends.
Why are we still gaming with CD's?
Surely you could fit more onto a usb.
I'm probably wrong. 


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Think about how much a flashdrive costs and then the speed that it can be read.

It would work if you sold the stick separately. Maybe you could keep 2 games on each stick.

You download the games from a store for the usual price and the stick can be around £5 - £8 like the normal price of a memory stick.

I'm probably still not getting it, but CD's should be dead and burried.

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Think about how much a flashdrive costs and then the speed that it can be read.


Exactly.  That round, shiny plastic thing only costs a few cents to make, as opposed to the amount USB memory cost to produce.  Why do you thing they never made cartridge systems after the Nintendo 64?

Price versus benefits. Optical discs are just so much cheaper like 10-50 cents dual layer DVD or $1-2 for a Blu-ray disc to produce and downloadable content might reduce the need for them even more. So optical discs are like for a dual layer DVD~5.5 cents per GB and Blu-ray dual layer at~3 cents per GB. Flash memory is around $1 per GB, As for speed cheap flash memory is normally slower than a HDD so installing a game to a HDD gives about the same speed benefit.


Some games with special editions have been known to come with Flash drives as swag with exclusive content or previous games though. I read the post about how taking it to a store to buy the game from a kiosk and load it onto a drive would be neat, but I would think MS would lock those down where you have to buy the MS brand one. Just don't see it ever happening. Thinking back to when they updated the dashboard to lock out third party memory devices. Then compared to digital distribution it would be harder to keep that system secure. Right now the large amount of optical drive models used in 360s and with the drive locked to the CPU ups the time it takes to hack their firmware helping keep piracy down.


A game is around 6gb minimum for each. Flashdrives can't be read fast enough to play the games off of and when some games are 50gb+ that would be a really expensive flashdrive worth more than the 60 dollar disc.

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Think about how much a flashdrive costs and then the speed that it can be read.


Very true the cost of the Manufacturing and sales of a USB Flash Drive are still way too high to "give" away with the Software of a Game on it and keep the price reasonable but there is a solution. I believe MS was going to try this along while back with the Memory Cards.


A Kiosk. A Gamer takes their USB Flash Drive to a Kiosk and purchases the Game via Content only from a Retail brick and mortar store. Simple and elegant as long as the Retail Store can keep their equipment up and running.


Games do come on Pen Drives.

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