Why doesn't the Microsoft Billing all my purchases?

I've been talking to an Xbox Specialist reguarding the Fable 2 download issue I've been having and he claims I haven't bought any of the Fable 2 episodes when in fact I've bought all of them and after awhile of talking, my phone was going flat and he told me he would ring back.

So in the mean time I went to Microsoft billing, it only shows purchases for Gears of War, AVP and Pure. and when I go to view more, it say "No activity has been recorded for this month" and it says that for every month. And heres the thing that worries me, I've purchased over 20 Xbox 360 games, over 90 arcade games, 5 Xbox original games and countless more DLC packs and the Microsoft billing site does not mention any of the purchases apart from the games I mentioned.

Heres a picture of the billing page: 

http://i54.tinypic.com/25fr2qf.jpg (removed my cc)

How should I processed with this issue? I have no clue what to do. Please help.


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