why doesnt rockstar ever let anyone know...

Why dony they ever let anyone know whats going on. Youd of thought theyd of mentioned a time for release by now we waited 5 years for a game to come only to wait another 2 weeks for the online and right upto the final date not to be told whats happenening with the roll out... I havent played the game in 3 days I go on social club every now and again to check my shares are still going up im at 600 mill now even though its pointless because we cant use that money online. Anyway does anyone know anything yet?


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All I read was "waaahh wahhh wahhh"

Dude.. it will come tomorrow, why do you need to know the exact time?

Nobody knows anything. reason why they probably don't know how long it will take to send us the update I am guessing, that or it comes out when the marketplace updates but not sure how they're sending it to us! it will be out someday tomorrow and don't expect everything to run smoothly yet. Also why is the game pointless because you have so much money? I have over 800million, I am on my third play through and now doing all the side stuff etc, why not enjoy the game do side missions that you're missing out on, or go back and replay the missions to get gold medals and go back do them other ways to see tons of dialog you missed out on.... still tons of to do in the game other then online...... this is the main reason they didn't let the multiplayer be released right away so people can enjoy the single player!

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All I read was "waaahh wahhh wahhh"


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It will probably come out at 3am eastern time

well then, i will throw my hat [so-to-say] and say by 9am tomorrow  i will check-in to see if it is available. if not, back to the internets :P