Why Doesn't China Rising Appear In Quick Search?

I have not played one china rising map when I quick search Conquest, rush team deathmatch etc. The only time the quick search works is in the game mode air superiority. Is it just me? Anything that can be done? I like using quick search to get into games and I know that I can find them if I select a server, but I mainly just like hoping into a game fast. 


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It is one of the downfalls with DICE DLC.  For some reason, they do not include the DLC maps in the quick search function.

Quick search conquest and I get Battlefield 4, Second Assault & China Rising.  Which ever I pick puts me into the correct server.

I have not once been put into a China Rising map by quick search ever since the map pack was released. I would use quick search for every game I play and that is 90% conquest. This weekend was the first time I played China Rising because I used server browser to put me into the maps. I have to say though I love the maps it has made me want to pick up premium so I will have all the map packs.  

I haven't used Quick Match in a while.  Just noticed last night, that the had made this change. After you hit quick match, you get a choice on the vanilla maps and whatever DLC you have.  I did not try the DLC search out, but will report back when I do.