why does no one play custom games anymore on H3?

to tell the truth, i'm starting to get a bit bored with halo reach and would like to play some custom infection/flag/**** games on halo 3 again...but none of the friends on my list play halo 3 anymore.

if any of you play custom games a lot on h3, PLEASE add me as a friend as i play in the evenings a lot, mostly halo reach but like i said, i'd love to play h3 again.

if you add me, please send a message with it saying its for H3....


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I don't play H3 custom games, but you may want to post your time zone for those who are interested. Just saying.

pacific time

^^^PST, Pacific Standard Time

eastern time (us n canada)

id love to start playin this game again but no one in my friends list plays it so ill add u

[quote user="Koto Bro"]

^^^PST, Pacific Standard Time

[/quote]Why is this kid acting like he's been around here for awhile? This forum is dead anyway.

^^^ Do you have a problem with me Puff? I have been on here for about a month. An as I recall, this post is still active, as it was on.y started six days ago, and before you the most recent post was only hours before your snide comment.

i still do inv me to one