Why does Hadvar have a man crush on me?........

I recently completed the civil war quests and chose the Imperial side.  Afterwards, I noticed that whenever I go to Whiterun the is a Imperial Legion troop named Hadvar (I think) who is constantly following me with his sword drawn.  He just stands there and mumbles praises to me.  I cannot interact with him and I have no idea why he is stalking me.  Only reason I'm bringing this up is because its going to be very difficult to break into houses and stuff for the Thieves Guild missions when in that town.  Any idea on how to make it go away would be great, Thanks!!!


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Actually, I believe the instructions were go to the dash and then load the game back up. I found this on google and it did work

Use your shouts or magic to scare him away, if you want to be nice or you could have him accidentally fall on top of a sharp object.

Get as close to him as possible and save. Reload and he should go away