Why does Forge feel so different now?

Back in Halo 3, I filled up half my Bungie Pro-sized file share with maps that I made.  I did tons of them, and some were actually pretty good, like my version of Sandbox, for example.  Why is it though, that in Halo: Reach, forge just doesn't feel the same?  Sure, you can do everything you could in Halo 3 and more, and it's all easier, but there's just something about Forge World that just doesn't feel right to me.


I think getting Sandbox back as a DLC map for Reach would be amazing.  Simply the different textures on parts alone would inspire people to create different things than they would or could in Forge World, mainly because metallic textures don't work for everything.  What do the wonderful people of the Xbox Forums think about this?


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Yeah, many others want a new Forge template as well. I've only made a couple maps so I have no real issue, but it would be great.

I love Forge but agree the maps all look metallic.  Need to do something so we can make maps that have color, not look like the multiplayer is taking place on Cybertron every match.

I agree, but I sincerely despise the sandbox texture more than the metallic look. The thing that made community maps so big in halo 3 was the fact that they were made out of skill, not precision (like Reach).

wow I've been away for a while, I guess the rumors that they would patch it weren't true. The all metallic look bothered me the most when half the playable maps at launch were using the editor. In other words I thought we got screwed on maps with Reach....no, more like I know we did. What is even weirder is I saw some community maps that blew away anything Bungie shipped with the game too.