why does disk need to be in?

At E3 Microsoft said once you installed a game it did need to be in the Xbox one anymore, but if I take it out I'm told to insert disk or down load from store. This makes it impossible to jump between games while waiting in a multiplayer lobby which was one of there major selling points, if I knew they had changed this I wouldn't have bought ANY games on disk. Super lame and BIG disappointment.


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They reversed this policy about a week after E3 because of all the uproar about MS' DRM policies announced at E3....and I apolize up front for this, but, how did you just realize this?

And that was the thing.  A group of people were all in an up roar because Microsoft wanted to introduce new features.  These features are impossible now for games bought on disk.  Every body focused on the supposedly negative impacts of the DRM scheme.  No one thought, "Hey that's pretty cool that I can play my game on any console that I sign in on, Share with my family and friends."  Or, "Maybe I want to play another game while I wait for a group to match up".  


In all honesty, physical disks are going to go the way of the dinosaurs eventually. If digital ever gets digital pricing like steam, I would probably buy more games even if it meant I couldn't trade them.  Not having to get up and switch a disc, or storing cases of games, would be nice.  But right now, $60 for a game is a bit steep.

It seems the people who really lost it there were the youngins who depended on revenue from trade ins.  I was certainly looking forward to installing everything and switching seemlessly as well.

hey I would pay $60 a game to not to get up switch disk out the console and not having to store the case and disk. Kinda makes it worth paying $60 now.

Think about it.  Having to have the disc in prevents piracy.  Because I could install it on my Xbox.  Then, take the disc out, be playing the game while I give the disc to all my friends so they can install and play it.

It assures that disc can only be played on one Xbox at a time.

^ yep