Why does Bungie keep chaning the name of my clips?

Bungie keeps changing the name of my clip to Blam! It's originally titled Teabagger Assassinated! Why does Bungie keep changing it? Are one of these two words SO OFFENSIVE that they have to be changed?


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Well, I just found out that the word Teabagger is SO OFFENSIVE that Bungie wouldn't allow me to upload the video to File Share! So, I had to change the title to Player Assassinated!

You can view the clip here: forums.xbox.com/.../6104.aspx

Bungie controls their language filter. If they don't want something showing up on their website, they block it. There's nothing that complaining is going to do about it, just change the name if it's that bothersome to you.


You complain an awful lot for only having played 12 days and 170 total games.. maybe this game isn't for you.

There are problems that arise that apparently, I can't do anything about. I'm still having a good time. The probation is no big deal. I'm over that. The changing of my video name is no big deal but the world teabagger is offensive how?

Come on Jack, use your head man.  It's a se-ually expilicit act.  It's "-blammed-"  for the same reason B-job is.