Why does available character change?

I wasn't a fan of KI but since it was free I downloaded it, and had Jago as my available character.  I played a friend who had Saberwulf as the free character when she downloaded the game.  We played close to 10 matches all of which I played a Jago, but  the next day he was no longer available but  Saberwulf was.  I invested a lil time in the Ddjo as Jago and really had no interest in playing as Saberwulf; why does the free character change every few days?


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Because it's free. The rotation gives you a taste of every character. Once you like a character you can buy him/her for a very affordable price. Pay for what you want.

You can simply just wait for him to return in rotation also...

It changes every week so people who are on the fence about buying the game can try other characters to see if they want to buy a particular one or unlock all characters. If you like Jago so much then you can just buy his character from the KI store and always have him unlocked. If you don't want to shell out any money but still want to only play jago when you want, you'll just have to deal for a few weeks till he is available again.

Dojo is only currently available for Jago and you can always play as Jago in the dojo(Ddjo?) regardless of the free character in rotation.

Yea but the only character that I've seen for free are Jago and Sabewulf.  Seems to makes more sense to buy the 20 dollar edition than one character for 5 dollars.  Thank anyways for the replys, I thought someone posted that they didn't buy Jago but always had him available along with whoever was free at the time.

If you get the shadow jago card, then shadow jago will always be unlocked. But the character might only switch when the game is fully shutdown as opposed to leaving it in resume. I think it does the free character check when the game first loads but if you never do that check and just resume then it continues on with the last known command(i.e Jago is currently free).

I'm guess that maybe you got a system update or a did a hard reset and the game fully closed and that's when it switched. You might have just coincidentally done it when those two characters were available.

I always make it a point to return to the main menu, check the ki store, then quit. I have no evidence but I feel that returning to main menu and refreshing the premium content in the ki store ensures that my save is synced. Then I quit so I'm not leaving it in some suspended state where a corrupt could happen somehow.

So far all but spinal and fulgore have been in the rotation. As above its just a lil taster if you didn't want to pay full price etc, its a buy what you want when you, to steal from the Simpsons, "its a ki extravaganza sale, everything about it must go" :D

Buy the game dude its only 20$ stop crying and buy the game.