Why do you have to swap discs over even though both are installed on Harddrive?

I know with games even if you have them installed you have to keep the disc in, this is for piracy purposes, so  i take it just reads a simple unique code on that disc.

Well why didn't EA put the same code/s on both discs? i have only just installed campaign after playing multi, but whenever you want to go from multi to campaign you have to swap!

I know this doesn't seem major but it was such a simple thing to implement.


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You need the discs in the drive for anti-piracy reasons.

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My guess would be what Tomo had said.  I could just buy the game, give my friend the SP disc, we both install on our 360s, and each will be able to play the whole game despite the disc.  

when u install a game it doesnt copy 100% of the disk onto the hard drive

iirc the entire video pation of the disk is ignored when you install it.

basically the entire start up sequence requires the disk, after it started running though the disk stopps spinning as the rest is on the HDD

If that was the case, I could borrow the game from a friend and just install it, give him back the multiplayer disk and play multiplayer with a campaign disk, because I am fairly sure most of my friends would have no problem giving me a disk that they will never need.

Worst case scenario, EA would loose 50% of all sales.


My Guess is Microsoft regs or anti piracy system prevents them from doing it.