Why do they bother with hair? It looks AWFUL! Also don't know why the field reacts like an ice rink...

I know if it's in the game, it's in the game, but come on... The hair is the worst!  EA needs to learn the saying "if it's worth doing..."  Did someone in quality control say, "aw, it's fine, no one will notice..."

The jersey's and helmets are great, everything else, not so much.  Still got "dead eyes" on all the players and all the "extras" look thrown in last minute.  The coaches and sideleine players look like ***, they should have just been left out.

One of the biggest issues I have is how the players react with the field, as in, they don't.  A players foot can be "planted" in one spot, then it will slide 3 feet like it's on ice, all the while the players turn like the old plastic hockey player on a stick, with his whole boddy swiveling in place.  Players will also slide to another location during a tackle if something is in the way.  This is not a sometime issue but an all the time problem.  It all takes away from the experience imo.

Maybe a lil competition would be good for business, and for gamers. 


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I just wanted to throw this out there too.  I just saw the new trailer for NBA 2K12 on the front page of IGN.COM.  AMAZING!  Just imagine if 2K could still make NFL games... I'm looking at you EA!!!!