Why do these racing games never have trucks?

You know I never understood why all these racing games where you can modify your cars like Forza and GT never really include any real world trucks in them to tune.  I get really tired of all the same cars in every single game.  Considering trucks are a huge part of the market place you would think they would want there's in games as well instead of a seperate crappy truck game that comes along....


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This guy does realize there's trucks/suv in the game.  For example saleen super cab,  GMC truck,  dodge ram,  ford svt,  as for suv  range rover,  Audi's,  Mercedes,  vw,  hummer,  there might be more don't feel like looking atm        

I actually opened this with the intent of mentioning Colin McRae's Dirt... the truck racing in that was fun :D Great game actually. Except for Travis 'No-one Gives a ***' Pastrana.


There are utes in this game. There are utes big enough to be called trucks by Americans, such as the Dodge Ram and Saleen Supercab. There's a Hummer.


However, there are none of these or anything like them: [View:http://vaghelatushar.weebly.com/uploads/1/0/8/3/10834062/1732856_orig.jpg]

I'd rather have more mini trucks like the '88 B2300 or Nissan hardbody.

there were a lot of us that argued that trucks & SUV's never belonged in a game like forza to begin with. it just gave the crashers something to really ruin the online lobbies with.

Nothing like making a trucks soft as can be then pull a hand brake into a slide to have it barrel roll into everybody ; )

I thought he meant trucks as in heavy goods vehicles,we don`t have your kind of trucks here in the uk.

True, Al, but i still think they're a worthwhile addition. I love the Hummer, for example, that's actually a fantastic vehicle. I'm not sure about the others, I don't really like the silly modern-ish SUVs.

I'm utterly drained from reading that. Have you even played the game for more than two seconds? Because the game does have trucks, yes, some from the previous Forza have made a return, but a few new ones have been added also.

colin mcrae`s dirt had some truck racing in it,maybe the sequels did too.

I still don't entirely know what he meant, but all I know is my brain turned to mush, probably the contributing factor to me not knowing.