Why do some players make a screeching noise when I kill them?

Is there something special to this? Why is it that when I kill a certain enemy, they make a loud screeching noise?


Is there something specific I have to purchase to have this sound effect play?


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I should have mentioned, it sounds like an alien noise or something coming from Spartans not Elites.

So I'm not just going crazy! Thank god!

I occasionally hear a sound like somebody trying but failing at talking when I kill somebody, when no one else has a mic.  Was wondering if it was an in-game sound!

Their girls?

I just found out it was the Birthday Party armor effect.

[quote user="Jack Bauer XDG"]I just found out it was the Birthday Party armor effect.[/quote]I'm guessing you've never played Campaign with the Grunt Birthday Party Skull on before if you haven't heard of the sound effect before. 

I haven't touched Campaign since I received this game from Gamefly.

Guess I am crazy? I hear the noise when I kill people WITHOUT Grunt Birthday Party =S

Grunt birthday party gives me a headache now.

I thought u were talking about how some peope will gargle & moan for a few seconds after u kill them sometimes