Why do people think games are stale?

What do you expect? Some game altering gameplay? I hear people say all the time that they think this gen is stale. What can they possibly come up with that is so different? I'd like to know. Sure developers like to make what sells, but even still what can they do that would be groundbreaking? There are a lot of good developers out there. Don't you think they would have done it by now?

We don'y say food is boring, or cars or music or movies etc. I love deathmetal. How many power cords can there be? Sure some of them have been used, but it's not stale. The Doors and the Beetles are awesome still and last time I checked they haven't had anything new and they're still awesome. We should say the same about cars until they fly. 

I've played enough games in my life to know if they are stale or not. Games like Bioshock: Infinite and Tomb Raider and Crysis 3 and God of War Acsension have all been done before, but that doesn't mean they aren't good or stale. I think people expect too much. 

If you think it's a stagnant market you should wait for true virtual reality.

I don't think games have become stale except for CoD, Madden and other yearly releases, but that is because I am tired of them.

What can developers do to make you think otherwise? New hardware obviously, but what else? 


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I think things are stale because some genres have been ignored, at least on consoles. Where are the simulation(life,flight,construction), strategy(4X,RTS,TBS), roguelike, ect genres? Yes there's a handful of examples but generally everything we get on consoles is FPS, RPG, adventure. To find other genres you have to go to indie games on places like Steam or Desura.

^^Haha, I enjoyed that one Crouton and saw the connection of the post and the gamertag ;)

They aren't too stale, there's still plenty of good ideas. The thing is though, many companies take the safe route, they have money to make and investors to please, so innovation to them is better left off with smaller devs.

The best they could do is incorporate elements from other genres into the franchises. The only problem with that is gamers will say that the developers are moving away from what made the original great or its cutting into some random part of the game.

people say games are stale? maybe games like cod and assassin's creed with their yearly releases are a bit stale, but we've got amazing games like heavy rain and last of us and bioshock and whatnot changing up gameplay and focusing on story and characters. if you think games are stale and you have nothing new to play, that's all on you. there are enough games you could easily have no two games that are alike. and there's nothing wrong with yearly games or mindless stupid shooters, sometimes you just wanna *** around and play fps #3086 for a bit.

because any game with 3 iterations with little or no changes. in the same gen get old.

It's something we like to throw at games themselves nowadays but the truth is it's Gamers that have "dumbed down".


To be fair to them, it's not really their fault.


Culturally there is a huge push for having things "your way right away".


You want something?  Don't wait for it... get it on a Credit Card.


You want news?  Don't wait for it... get it on the internet.


You want your favourite television shows?  Don't wait for it... get an "On Demand TV Service".


"Lawrence of Arabia" is a 4 hour epic of cinematic genius but many people today probably couldn't sit through the opening titles.


Things aren't happening fast enough for them.


That's why films have gone from 2 hours plus to 90 minutes at an absolute stretch.


It's not that they're "dumb" people or "not as good as the gamers before them".


It's just the hand that Society has dealt them.


People want things fast and quick and expect to progress (something that COD nailed beautifully for the current gen).


So when older gamers say that a lot of current games seem stale, that's because to older gamers many of them are.


But to newer gamers the "Call Of Duty" series is what "Wolfenstein" and "DOOM" were to them so many years ago.



I don't think the games have been stale at all...i grew up with an Intellivision and have seen a lot of good and bad through the years....i find games more fascinating as the generations progress.Besides the milked franchises i have had a lot of fun each gen.

I don't know maybe because just like these Forums UP-GRADES things just keep getting worse instead of better? But seriously the jump from the older generation xbox & PS2, to this generation xbox 360 wasn't that spectacular, look at some of the older titles an they were not that good, BF2, Halo, even Call of Duty 4, they could have easily been made on the old xbox an Ps2, some of them were..

Stale can be a good thing. Stale bread can be used to make delicious croutons. Yum! Using that analogy, maybe devs will see what they did wrong this generation, cut it up, put some seasoning on it, put it in the oven for a bit, then end up with something awesome for next gen. ^_^ 

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