Why do people quit in 2HG

Me and my friend keep getting people who will quit when the game is about to end.  They will beat us one or two games in a row then we will play them a 3rd time and when we are about to beat them they quit like little girls crying for mommy.  If you dont like loosing go play something else.  really retarded people.


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Having an opponent concede means that they are saying you won the game.  Stop being a bad winner and if a player or group of players want to declare you the winner then let them.  So far the only issue with conceding is that it removes you from the lobby automatically, other than that it is a faster way to declare the winner without having to wait for additional turns.  There's nothing wrong with conceding, period.

What is your problem?

They are giving you the win and sometimes saving you time.

I'd hate to see how angry you would get if you were glitched out of a win, like Fifa 11 used to have.

If they leave.....you win....get over it.

I actually like making people leave. It is hilarious watching them backout when the field is stacked. Don't be mad, feel superior cause you are a boss.

I think its funny too but it bugs when and if they beat us a match before and we didnt leave but then we are kicking their @@@ and they quit.  i dont care what the game says if it says concede or not.  its still quitting.  i have had someone quit when i took one of their eldrazi's on turn 6 or so.  

IMHO, quitters get bad rep (Submit Player Review->Avoid This Player->Game Behavior->Quit Early).  This especially applies to those who beat you and you take it, but won't accept the final death blow when you're winning.  

You're entitled to the adverse opinion of "Nothing wrong with conceding, period", but I'd disagree with that being the final word....  Conceding makes perfect sense (to me) in round 5, when you only have one mana out, and it just isn't gonna happen.  Conceding before the final blow hits you is just...quitting early.

...one additional thought.  I don;t bad rep quitters in ranked matches.  Lets face it, they've given me rank points and lost their own... Why kick em when they're down?

What does bad rep do for you exactly or for them even?  The matchmaking in this game is so poor I personally don't believe it'll affect/impact whether or not you see them again in a lobby.  If I'm wrong on that, then I'm wrong.  Just seems like it's more trouble than it's worth, certainly not worth more than laughing over if anything.

Bad rep is only for your own information to tell you what others think of you as a gamer, it means nothing at all after that.

They should make it so people drop more if they quit early, enough to where if they pay attention to the leader boards they would get the hint 5+ points. I understand I get the win if they leave but still sucks, You spend 30+ mins getting to that point and then they take that final blow away from you. It would be like playing a first person shooter and when you get to the last guy he just turned himself into the cops and then the credits rolled lol.

Bad rep does'nt do anything but its best to keep it high.