Why do old games have their covers redone?

By the title I mean when a good game has it's cover changed to it says "classics" on it...

In my opinion it just makes it look ugly, and I was wondering if there is a good reason for it, or if it's something that just is...


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Because they just do..

An attempt to recreate sales, usually now-a-days they pack a little DLC in them as well to get people to buy the game if they have not before, I admit I sometimes fall for it

Because they are part of the Platinum Hits line. Every system offers something similar to it and has for awhile. Those are games that have sold so many copies(I can't remember the exact amount) and are now being sold for $20-30

A new gamer might not know it's a classic or a "Platinum Hit" and want it because of the packaging.

it shouldn't bother you, should it? if so just go by gamestop or something and buy it used.