Why do I keep turning into a silly Vampire?

I'm not a Vampire, don't want to be one. I haven't asked to be turned into one by Whatshername nor ever let the disease advance - as soon as I've ever been infected I've taken a potion and I check all the time for disease. I'm NOT a Vampire in my Active Effects, there's none of the Vampire Magic nor weakness to the sun etc etc etc.


Yet lately, sometimes when I get into a fight, and it's now two Dragon fights in a row, the screen goes red and I'm informed my "Vampiric Effects recede with feeding" (and I haven't fed on anything) and suddenly I'm a [REMOVED] Vampire in my Active Effects.


Re-load and I'm not a Vampire, then continue on and the screen goes red again and ...


The only way I solved it in The Soul Cairn after about a dozen attempts taking on the big fella while turning into a Vampire over and over again was to turn the difficulty right down to Novice (from Master) and take him out real quick before I turned into a  [REMOVED]Vampire.


Now I'm fighting that Dragon on the mountain near Azura, got no Vampire Effects, no Vampires around anywhere, just fighting wolves and a Dragon - and the screen goes red...


... I'm a  [REMOVED] Vampire again!


I can hopefully turn it down to Novice again... I hope... and luckily I keep plenty of saves but... it's not annoying nooooooooooooooooooooo!


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And that's what I did have to do - turn it down to Novice. Happened since in a fight with one of them giant Dwaven Robots (the real big ones) and had to do the same. It's random but when it happens if I don't take them down in a couple of hits - I'm a Vampire! Take them down quick enough - I'm not a Vampire!


Got to be a present courtesy of Dawnguard dlc.

This happened to me as well Barry, different enemies and such, but same result.

I let  the vampire effects stay one time, tried to get a tavern worker to suggest Falion as knowing a cure, but no go. Then I went to Markarth looking for him, he offered no dialog for curing me.... so I reloaded a save from before this happened to me, had Serana change me into a vampire and went on and finished the radiant quest i was on, killed the bad guys I needed to, as a vampire. Then I went straight to Markarth and the cure scenario worked and I've not been a vampire since.

I hope this works for you. i believe Serana will offer to change you into a vampire even if she is not a follower, you will find her with the Dawnguard in their stronghold, but it helps if she is a follower as she is right there with you in the fight.

At least I know I'm not alone and thanks for the tip. I was planning on doing the Companions Quests as soon as I finish Dawnguard and get rid of the Witch-Woman (she refuses to leave at present, guess I have to finish Dawnguard), I'm hoping getting turned into a Werewolf will solve my problem if not I'll do it your way.


Out of interest if you remember, when you finished the Soul Cairn did you have to collect your soul again? (like you should have if you took the soul-trap option, like I did). Previous character I did have to, this one - no. And when I checked my stats, no penalties like there should have been.

Yes, I went back for my soul. I chose to be partially Soul Trapped as well, This is still my first run through of the Dawnguard though, I'm finished now just running around and killing bad guys any chance I can. Sounds like a glitch to me, but in our favor for once.

Best wishes

Try being inflicted with lycanthropy it might work since it has 100% disease resistance

I heard once you join the companions YOU are Imediatlly Imune to Vamperisim, after you join the circle that is, dosnt take long.. You actually get some Kool stuff while you are earning your stripes!

When you get to the point in the Companions storyline, you are immune to all disease, including vampirism, but you can still accept being changed when offered.

[quote user="FueldRockets"]

I heard once you join the companions YOU are Imediatlly Imune to Vamperisim,


I can confirm that's not true. I was part of the Companions (but not a warewolf) when I started the Dawnguard DLC and I was chugging Cure potions right and left because everytime a Vampire glanced at me, I contracted Vampiracy.

I eventually took a break from the Dawnguard story and went back to the companions quests to become a Wolf so I could finish Dawnguard. It really seemed to me like they upped the percentage chance of becoming a Vampire after the DLC.

If becoming a Vampire and getting cured doesn't fix the problem, I second the suggestion to join the Companions and become a Warewolf. That should keep you from contracting Vampiracy. Good luck!

I believe once you are cured of legitimately contracted Vampirism by visiting a barkeep and then Falion, this glitch will no longer occur. I've put about 25-30 hrs in since being cured with no recurrences. Now watch this will happen tonight. lol

I had completed the Companions quest line long before this occurred for me, however, I had cured myself of lycanthropy once that quest line was completed.

I gave up on trying to avoid it too, Geddyme. So now I'm a Vampire - funny how I get told my "Vampire Abilities receed after feeding"... on a Dwarven Centurion robot! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm love that Dwarven Oil.


I'm hoping the Companions Quest works for me because now I think of it I can't do what you did as I got no saves where I can ask Selena to turn me into one. There's something very wrong about me not having to get me soul back after the Soul Cairn (when I wasn't a Vampire) so there's some glitch there.


Anyway, I wanted to be a werewolf with this character so as soon as I can get rid of the dumb witch I'm off to see Farkas and crew.


On another note regarding Selena the dumb witch - anyone else have to keep going back for her? Under that Vampire castle there I had to take on just about everyone alone because she refused to move (even after Fus Ro Da her numerous times which usually works on Lydia and co). She just stays in the one spot spells at the ready muttering "There you are!" and other irrelevancies over and over. The only way to get her to move is to exit the area (for a loading screen) and then she's right behind me. This has happened numerous times but under the castle was the most frustrating get chased by those 3 Gargoyles while she just watched.


Can't wait to get rid of her and go back to Lydia.

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