Why do BF3 games spend so much time talking about MW3

I have noticed that the BF3 guys are spending way more time talking about MW3 in this forum than the MW3 guys are the other way around.

They are completly two diffrent games that my be shooters but fit completly in a diffrent sub catagory. Both games have their good and bad. What game doesn't?  Just have fun only playing the one you like or both.  I have played everyone of both series on xbox and xbox 360.  I like them both for diffrent reasons.


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It's so tempting to make fun of the title. Anyway. Both forums got flak, some people from this forum went to MW3 and trolled, some actually participated in relevant discussion and got dog piled by a load of "WHAT DO YOU EXPECT" rhetoric and frankly, it's not a big deal! Enjoy MW3 and don't worry about it.

Trust me not the least bit worried. Play what I want when I want.

BEACUASE!  theres nothing bad to talk about this game!

@ fueldrockets, wish that was the case..been getting the boot for 1 hour 1/2 trying to play co-op..tired of the connection issues

I don't, but it always somehow pops up into conversation. I usually don't bring it up.

Their just like bullies - their realizing how bad their game is so they wanna make themselves look macho by bashin MW3

yeah the trash talk is just a gimmick to get a reaction out of people to rebel against a brand

Yea some people will just let it be and some just want to watch everyone get in a ruckus.  What do you do?  Different strokes for different folks.