why did they

remove hardcore free-for-all from the playlist?????


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Only 14 people played it at anytime ;p

They realized that hide-n-go seek can be played for free. And that hide-n-go seek with an automatic weapon is dumb.

FFA is rubbish anyway.

I disagree...ffa is more a test of ones own skill and reflexes then team games are. In ffa it is all up to you whether you win or not, you don't have to worry about what teammates are doing, you don't have to worry about losing a game because of some guy on your team going 3-27..or not running the objectives. It is all about YOU and your abilities :) just my 2 cents though

Vahn stated they have a set number of play lists and if they were going to add another kind of game mode, one of the others would need to be removed to swap it out. HC FFA was voted the most on the thread Vahn was monitoring on game modes. They original thought was there as going to be a mosh pit style mode but that hasn't happened yet. It may be in another update coming up. Basically, there are not enough HC players to warrant a play list of each type of game sadly.

Things change; we adapt & move on.