Why did they change up the multi-player match type options?

Why did they change up the multi-player match and map options? Can no longer choose what kind of game you wish to join??? Or did I miss a memo?


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What kind of game do you wish to join ...... there are as many, or more options than a few months ago.

I'm just a tired old guy too LOL! But when I select to play DLC Hardcore I am limitied to Mosh-Pit or Hardcore and can't choose what type of game to play ie.. Domination, Team Deathmatch, etc.. When I go that route i just get thrown into random match. No selection option. IDK?

dlc is a new mode that has been added ... and yes its all moshpit



You can still go to find match/hardcore/ and choose tdm, ffa. ctf, hq and s&d (all maps)



For a while they replaced ctf and hq with moshpits (flags and bombs) but a lot of people got upset about losing hq and ctf standalones.



Sadly .. we have 5 choices in hc ...... and thats all we will get ...... but if you count the dlc hardcore moshpit we have an extra