why did i reserve non-hardened mw3 at best buy

I don't even think i get anything special for it, and if i want elite its 50 bux more...fml


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Should've thought about that a bit earlier :) I'm afraid it's too late to still pre-order the hardened edition.

You reserved it because at the time, elite didn't sound appealing, you knew you wanted the game so when it came time, you did it.  I did the same through Amazon as I didn't even want to drive to the store, I would rather wait for delivery, although I do question myself for not upgrading to hardened.  But with so many games and Skyrim also to get next week, my choice was a wise one (6 new games in the last 4 weeks).  Elite is cool, would love to be a founder but $50 for a few emblems or whatever just is stupid, I know it, you know it, but still want it.  But seriously.....its just emblems....

Its not just emblems...  Do you know anything about elite and where the value lies?  You came off sounding knowledgeable about the topic and ended up showing that you have no clue.

@kindbudii i know about getting a map or some kinda of dlc monthly but im not sure exactly what you get if you are a "founder" or not, it def has to be a bit more than a few emblems

so you are saving money that is only 100 bucks you would of paid 60+50 for the game and elite = 110 :P

From -> www.callofduty.com/.../go-premium

Founder Status & VIP Access


Unique Founder Weapon Camo & Profile Skin

Exclusive Founder In-game Player Card & Emblem

Access to the Private "#Founder" Group

Special Founder Clan XP Boost

Special Founder Operations, Events, & Leagues

Exclusive Founder Prizes & Experiences


On top of what you'll get for premium which is all maps included in the $50 PLUS more

No reason not to be a founder if you're gonna pay the premium fee anyways

elite is a waste of money

Personally, I'm not that interested in Elite myself. If the first map pack comes out and I still enjoy the game I may purchase it and have a cluster of new stuff at once rather than gettting a new map here and there where the excitment wears off after I play it 5 times in a row. Sure, I have to wait a bit longer but patience is a virtue and ok, so I end up paying a little extra in the end, but only if I still enjoy the game. This is my personal opinion.