Why did I get demoted all the way back to lvl 1?

Ok, I get on my xbox, haven't been on in a week, looking forward to playing Gears of War 2.. But.. I notice I got demoted all the way from level 86 back to level 1. All that hard work for nothing. I never boosted. Never cheated. I didn't do anything that would make me be demoted. I would just like to know if anyone knows why this happened. Help please?


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did you clear your system cache?

if you did and played the game without updating it, that's 1 cause for loss of rank.

there's 2 more XP events coming up, so that may help regain your lost rank.

save corruption issue...in GoW3 they're fixing it by uploading your stats to dedicated servers every time you do something.

did you have to do a long update if that earased all your stats or someone hacked your account

If your war journal was reset also, it's because your xbox connected to live at the same time GOW was loading "something."  

Which means epic sucks at programming.

There have been multiple complaints filed with the BBB for them releasing such crap, yet they will keep your money and offer nothing.

If your war journal is not reset, you're either not telling the truth or they think you're not telling the truth.

Same thing has happened to me twice!  Called them up and they told me that it happens and there's nothing they can do for me.  Gotta love it.  Reaching 100 now would be a miracle.

I reset my rank purposely by clearing the cache and playing a game without the update.

So if you've cleared your cache it might be that.

Edit: What Ghostrider said.

if you wanna level up this weekend on gears 2 then send me a message and join my game.  we'll be doin horde all weekend...

I had the same when I logged on today, I wanted to get Veteran Gear....

Totally not motivated anymore.

happened 4 times to me. luckily the last time was a year ago.

your screwed cause unless you hacked/glitched your rnk you probably wont make it to 100 by tuesday

I had the same problem I was around level 76 or 77 enjoying my climb to 100 and then out of no where the game locks up i restart the 360 and I am back to level 1. That is really annoying plus all the camos I unlock from the calander events are also gone... And then Fenix rising comes out and now you can prestige? GREAT... The other problem I have is when ever I play ANY game mode it boots me from the room and puts me with bots for a good 30 to 45 mins before anyone else can join... I loved this game a lot more them MW3 but it pisses me off when ever I start the game and just see everything is gone... Did i mention I have had 8 broken 360's since it has been out?

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