Why couldn't we.... (OWB ending spoilers)

Really liking OWB. All the characters were memorable (Dala, Muggy, Toaster <3) and Mobius wasn't that much of a bad guy.

However, he still pretty much trapped all of the scientists at Big MT, which I thought was a bit unfair.

Which brings me to my topic:  Why couldn't we of let the Think Tank go back to their bodies/someone else's bodies, and let them out of Big MT?

As far as I know, all you can do with the Think Tank is persuade them to let you go without violence or Kill them.

Still though, I kind of wanted to help them since Mobius was trapping them there.


Mobius said the reason he stole the courier's brain  was because the brain was special -- that the think tank was actually able to successfully remove it correctly, which in the reverse could help them put brains back inside bodies successfully.


I dunno, it just felt one-sided a bit, and that you couldn't do anything with the Think Tank really except let them sit there.


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I agree that the should more options when dealing with people fates besides killing or leaving them, but as said in the storyline(correct me if im wrong) if the Think Tank were to be released back into society they would've experimented and destroyed the rest of the world like they did with Big Mt.