Why cant I level past 15?

Do I have to go further in the main quest-line or something? Seriously. My bar is full and I dont gain xp anymore. AND IM NLY LVL 15!


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Are you leveling it up? Actually going into the Stats section and leveling?


Also, are you certain you've got the whole levelup? You might be a tiny bit off.

Even if the bar is full, you will still get XP for whatever skills you're using. Maybe you're using a skill that's already high and it's just taking a bit of time to raise. Just a thought.

Naw, it does this when you don't go to the skill tree menu when you level up. It will just display a full bar of EXP and the currently level your own before the level up occurred. Just go to the skill free menu and the game will make you level up. Even if you dont do that, your still gaining any EXP.