why can't anyone play a straight up game anymore?

is there anyone out there who plays a straight up sim game anymore???  I am tired of glitchers, onside kicks and squib kicks every kickoff.  If anyone has a good sim league or just wants to play a str8 up game I am a decent player who will play my games and not quit 


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I'm in a great sim league... if you're still interested hit me up on XBL.. only the Bucs remain though... we are in week 11 and they're competing for a playoff spot so let me know if you're interested

add me....I'm always up for a sim game

I belong to a group that does nothing but play straight up games. We do run a couple leagues, but mainly it is a community of non-cheese/glitch players. If your interested then check out www.rfcunited.com/phpBB   If you like to play sim games and are tired of all the BS, then its worth a look. (there is also NHL, Fifa, Forza, and NBA players in the group)

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yeah bro we got a league of all sim palyers none of that cheezy *** hit us up at www.vgstrategy.com

All my losses come from glitchers and onside kickers... I have great competitive games with straight upers.

Our league is still running strong and actually have two more teams available... (Tampa Bay, Arizona) We are in week 16.  If you wanna hop aboard and take over one of these squads now's the perfect time to get accustomed to the league and prepare for the upcoming draft and Season 2.  PM me if you're interested

I just played an online game for the first time in a couple of months. Guy scores 4 times (3td, 1 fg) and onside kicks after each score.  The only time he didn't onside was the opening kick off. He had at least a 1 score lead after each score of his. Even with my basketful of INT's I actually managed to beat him with a last sec FG.

I play straight up. Not very good though. DB's seem to be extra good in this game.

Im in the same league as Swauny Jones. if you are looking for an active, all-human "sim" style league, its one of the best.  I run a league current;y with 12 people, sim style. I have the sliders set to allow the cpu to hang with humans. I would like to get 16 people total(maybe more) that could play atleast 2 times aweek.