why argonian?

after reading most posts seems abt 60% are going w/ argonians, just curious why


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Because they're sexy! =]

No idea I always choose redguards tbh

First playthrough for me is always Imperial. Different people prefer different races. I've noticed that too however, they do have great imunity bonuses I have to say.

Because Argonians are cool, what more do you need to know?

My last character in Oblivion was Argonian solely because of the poison resistance because I HATE ELDER SCROLLS VAMPIRES! :)  I have to say that I really enjoyed not having to worry about drowning.  I like to play human characters in TES games, though. I'm planning on making a Nord at first with Skyrim - for roleplay. My favorite race is the Breton so I might end up making one of them after all but if vampirism is as annoying as it is in Oblivion, I will probably end up playing another Argonian. :/   Judging by pictures, they look a lot cooler in Skyrim!

EDIT: By the way... do argonians still have a poison resistance racial?