Why are they advertising Rainbow Six Patriots as an Xbox360 Game?

I was browsing through Amazon and they have Patriots available for 'pre-order'. I do not understand why they are doing this as it is pretty clear that when the game is finally out it will be for the new Xbox that may be out in 2013/2014 and this will be a new generation console. So the game will not cost only £40. It will be £40 plus the likely £400 for a new console. :(


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You never know it may come out on both like Splinter Cell Double Agent did on the Xbox and X360.

It probably comes out for all systems.  Kinda like BF4 coming out for all.  I'm getting Patriots for Xbox one.

If Patriots comes out for the 360, I don't know which console I'll buy it for, maybe both. Stackable achievements ;)