Why are some invaders cowards?

I was going through Dukes Archives last night and got invaded by a guy. i look around for him like 10 minutes before giving up on locating him and made my way to the boss. After kissing everything I waited for almost 30 minutes to see if he came after me. After seeing no sign of him I even sent a message asking why he was hiding. He replied saying that I need to come find him.  Does anyone else agree that if someone invades you they should come towards you?


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There is no obligation for an invader to come and find you. If you want them gone, go and find them. Waiting next to the AI for help is different, however.

I invade low levels with wolf ring and use no weapon and try to kick them off the edge and own the high levels the same wy if it come's to that:P .

Some grow bored of simply fighting, and would rather hide or find other ways to amuse themselves.

The term gankers come's to mind.

Taken for the urban dictionary.

Ganking is the process in which a group of charecters gang up on one or more players that do not have a chance to defend themselves, Or when one high level player does the same action to a player way below his or her own level.

No amount of white phantoms will help in upper blighttown. Especially with force/dragonslayer bow and chameleon.

I don't have a problem with hiding or using Chameleon to set an ambush when I invade somebody, but I'll at least try to do it along the route that the host has to take. A good example of this is upper Blighttown. Quite often, the host will be in the first area before the big Infected Barbarian guys. You can quickly dash up from the spawn point to the area near where the first Blowdart sniper is, and Chameleon yourself into a pot. Your host HAS to come that way to progress, so it just turns into a waiting game.

The downside is, if you're waiting in ambush instead of actively pursuing the host, you give them more time to summon help.

You may see it as junk others enjoy trying to collect 1 of every item in the game.

"Grabbing all the items possible in each area"

Dear Lord why

How do you stand all that junk in your inventory

Grabbing all the items possible in each area. Not going to pass up items due to an invader wanting to be a coward :)

Not really.

Why do you even care? Just watch your back and run to the boss gate.

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