why am i still banned

im wanting to know why im still banned from playing halo reach when we i n33d a toil3t and brac12207 have done nothing wrong NOTHING WRONG and its going on five days now and im getting the run around about it all that we wanna do is play a video game that is not to much to ask i shouldnt have to go through this when i just want to play a video game we cant earn credits on our xbox or our accounts this is getting old when we have done nothing i want this resolved asap


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Nothing we can do here...


Try this place: http://halo.xbox.com/forums/ 


There should be a thread in the Reach section about bans that you can post in.

First of all, you may want to check, you might have done something wrong without knowing it.

For example, some very silly people might report you for your name.

I'm sure you did something. The banhammer is much more accurate than you can probably fathom. It can detect the smallest rule violation and exploit you for it.


But, as JB0NYU said, nothing can be done here. Take this up at the 343 forums, but be warned. If you waste a 343 employees time, they'll extend your punishment even more.


This is another reason why I miss B.net stat tracking. Game history was SO accessible. It takes forever to find and load on Waypoint :(