I purchased this game last night and ran into the inventory freeze glitch, which basically made the game unplayable. For whatever reason, I no longer run into that glitch anymore and was finally able to start my adventure in Minecraft. I started playing around 7PM with the intent on just building a basic house for safety, but now it's almost midnight and I've got a house with three floors, full leather armor, and a seriously deep mine started. These past few hours I haven't done anything but gather materials. the crazy thing is, I have NO IDEA what to build and I don't even know if the materials I'm gathering are used for anything important.

I'm officially hooked on Minecraft...


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hey i can help you add me!

I can also help if you want

That's great!  Did you do something to fix it?  Or did the problem just randomly go away?

I don't know for sure what fixed it, but I think it had something to do with disconnecting my controller over and over again. I kept doing that and low and behold, the glitch is no more.