Why all the hate on COD here?

I am a fan of both games (since 1942 and COD1), but it seems this forum could be renamed "Hate on Call of Duty" and still be accurate.



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COD is a very mindless shooter that has basically released the same game 5 times. My stance is that it is fine if someone likes that but it's clear which one is the better series.

Cod has fishbowl maps.

I see your point Assyrian, but isn't single player the main appeal to COD?

ummm cause they can't play it. Check it out the biggest cryers about COD on here and you will see real fast why they knock or hate COD....They all suck at it ! It's that easy, go check their stats out.  To be honest most of the cryers actually have not even played it so they have no idea wtf they are even talking about. How can you hate a game you never have played?  Oh and they love the "BFBC stroke fest"  I hate COD stroke, stroke ,stroke.....its real old

I play both as well. I like shooters some are better then the others but I will play what I want ,  and I will until one of these cry babies start buying me my games for me. I am on the COD forums and I must admit there is much less hate about Bf on there. They are different games. Cod is very fast run n gun and BF is more team/squad based its that simple.  Only on this forum can you only like vanilla cause chocolate is only for the mindless COD players.

Funny thing is all those mindless , skilless , sniper lovin, corner camping, Perk boosting,  players will all be kicking ur a** October 25 so I guess we will see who is really a better FPS group then.  

Really go check out the stats....most have a COD score of a big fat ZERO yet they talk nonsense. Most are BFBC players NOT real battlefield players.  You will see Oct is coming. I am hoping most of this scrubs can't handle BF3 and come back to BFBC with their tail between their legs.

who cares?......pff.......I'm gonna get the next COD, gonna get the next BF too.....granted, I'll most likely play BF alot longer, but I'm still gonna enjoy COD....my good friend Dirty Harry said it best "save the monogamy for marriage"

both games are way too different there is no comparison but everyone is entitled to there opinion . they both have there bullshit and they both can be frustrating

Because they think that BF is meant to deliver them from Call of Duty but in reality it is just another shooter.

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

I dunno maybe because for two weeks the only threads allowed in this forum were "OMG EA Stole ideas from COD" and "BFBC2 is nothing but a COD copy for poor people with aids ". Then there the people seemingly comming here every so often so say how this game sucks because the weapons are weak when in reality its more the weapons don't shoot like laser beams and they don't win the match by sitting on a hill with a sniper.

The COD hate is basically because alot of people here feel COD is dragging the FPS genre down and hence when some-one compares this game to COD people here will happily tell them hos this game is far from COD.

Truth Hurts??......Your just another one of the cry babies Smooch.  I will buy BF3 and CODMW2 and what you say about either means jack to really anyone here.  I will pull up your gaymore tag tonight and see about "plenty" of COD you have played.Don't tell me it was under another tag right ? I don't say anything about skill as in my life pushing a button and moving a joystick isn't exactly what I call a  "skill". You must be the most "skilled" guy around here thats for sure.  

As have said plenty .....buy what you want , play it and have fun. Or you can sit your "skilled" self on the forums every dam day and cry about a game you don't even play. Ok u da man. I mean if you hate the game why not go to the COD forum and vent?

I mean if you hate Dora the Explorer do you vent on the  Spongebob forum?

**Wipes ur tears**   I am sure you will post next on the i hate sniper post...wow how original  

CoD is the same old same old since 2007. CoD4 was epic and ground breaking, every one since then is just a 60 dollar expansion pack. Any game that has kill streak rewards is just silly. every single CoD game is unbalanced, there are always going to be a certain weapon/perk combinations that render the user into a 'super human'.

CoD also uses massive aim assist and hitscan.

Basically I hate CoD because I have higher personal standards when it comes to the video games I play. MW2 was a massive disappointment after the first weekend of release.

Another problem I have is 'host advantage', which ruins almost every FPS that doesnt run on dedicated servers, I did just fine playing CoD, but my personal preferences have evolved beyond the basic 'arcade shooter' that Cod players enjoy.

I remember shooting out of a helicopter on fixed rails back in the early 90's, but they have that crap in CoD and it's considered 'ground-breaking'. I'm sure MW3 will be another glitter covered turd from activision, and it will be hugely popular with the kids and the lobbies will be the same old romper room as usual.

no thanx.

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