Why all the hate between the other FPS games like Halo, Cod, Gears, etc?

  I've yet to understand why people get so worked up about other titles.  If anything people should be happy that there is such a variety to choose from since it promotes competition between the companies to come up with new ideas and try to beat the other companies.

  I personally enjoy playing all of the games I listed since they bring different aspects to the game that one might not have.  If anything, people should be happy we have so many games to choose from instead of possibly dealing with just 1 game where we would have to deal with whatever they put into it.


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Everybody has to choose a side.

Battlefield pwns btw.

It's the same thing with friends of mine who are anti-PS3 or anti-Xbox.  They are missing out if they choose to be so ''devoted'' to one particular game/system.  Oh well, it's best to not even worry about others, you have one life-enjoy!

It's not that people really have a problem with other games, like I loved halo, loved call of duty back in cod4/blackops..

It's just the people who treat EVERY FPS like its call of duty that annoy me when they're on my team..

Like that's cool, you can shoot someone.. Too bad its a team-based game that has support kits.. Like the medics I constantly have to heal because for some reason they can't use their own med-kits.. The support class that somehow can't throw down ammo.

Even in other games people that treat one FPS like its another and refuse to adapt are just people I dislike having on my team... such as in Crysis 2, the kids who played CoD mostly were just easy to DESTROY.

... Objective games just shouldn't be played like Call of Duty's Team Deathmatch

They also hated me in CoD4, cus i played the objective games like i play Battlefield.. Non of them knew how to counter me.. LOL.

Af course this is a bit sarcasm.. i was near anything BUT good in CoD4

Halo 3 and Battlefield 2:MC are the best 2 online FPS's to come out on the 360 imo.