Wht do i get with elite?

What would i receive today if i had elite? not what ill have in the future " 20 map packs". no. i know this. i want to know what i will receive today." mappack with 2 maps, prestige token" would be a good example.


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Last updated July 3, 2018 Views 0 Applies to:
  • Currently released maps and all future maps
  • The ability to join or start a clan.
  • Clan Operations however have not been finished with no estimated time of release. Even after 3 months.

^^ What he said. I do not think you would get a prestige token or double XP.

you should get 2 hours of double xp.

I got no 2 hours of XP or Tokens. Just the Maps. And The homepage shows your player card. In depth strategies and discussions about the Maps and Weapons. ELite TV.....

You also can change your load out through the main web page and save it to your console. Also can join the weekly challenges.

you get the xp just by doing the initial sign up. You don't have to join to earn the XP.