Who's making it/no zombies?

Now I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure MW3 is being made by infinity ward, and that the zombies mode belongs to treyarch and thus won't be in MW3, right? If there's no zombies, I'm not buying MW3. I only bought black ops because after borrowing it from a friend and seeing how much content there was I felt it was worth the $60 (MP, Zombies, single player, Dead ops). Usually I only buy either big open world games that will last me months (like skyrim or fallout:new vegas), or games in a series that I love like silent hill (the only real exception to this is Mass effect, as I want to have them all to playthrough each one on a completely different route after beating 3 and see just how different it is). Basically if there's no zombies, I wont buy, just rent. Esp since I have yet to play MW2.


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There will be no zombies, there werent any zombies in mw2 there wont be any in mw3 either

Have you Ever heard of Dead Island? Check it out if not!

yeah I have heard of it. I know of plenty of zombie games, I don't want it in MW3 just cuz I want a zombie game. I just don't think the standard 10-12hr single player and multiplayer that most games consist of are worth $60. Zombies adds value, esp since I can play split-screen when I hang out w/ my friends (instead of only online).

its been leaked(not confirmed) that there will already be spec ops and technicaly it all belongs to activision if they told them (IW)to put zombies in they would do it in a heart beat

Call of Duty: MW3

I know for sure that they won't have Zombies, but they will definitely have Spec Ops since they had it in MW2.

And it was good too.

IW wouldnt steal treyarchs idea. they wont even adapt treyarch's good ideas into their game.

There will be the better IMO spec ops mode returning. Cant wait for that.

Now there is a ton of leaked info, and I'm not 100% sure if what I'm about to tell you is true. For one, this sentence is true: Modern Warfare 3 will be made by Infinity Ward with the help of Sledgehammer Games, while Raven Software will be making the multi-player. Here is the info I'm not sure about: Spec-Ops should be making a return with two modes inside the mode of Spec-Ops. These two modes are called Mission which is the same concept as MW2's Spec-Ops. The other mode is called Survival which it is basically a mode sort-of like Gears of War's Horde Mode. You and a group of 3 others will face off against endless or ending waves of enemies on some of the multi-player maps. So if you like the idea I would suggest getting MW3. But, I would wait until all of what I said was confirmed.

Fighting waves of enemies should be fun ;D

hmm...assuming thats true I'll probably do the same thing I did with black ops-rent/borrow it, then buy it later for spec ops (zombies in black ops) and MP, assuming I like spec ops. IDK though, horde mode is fun, but not as addicting as zombies.