Who's Getting The Retro Lancer Replica?

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, click here, or if you're not in the US, click here.

I for one am definitely picking up the retro lancer replica. It just looks too bad*** to pass up.


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Yes I see where the "mongrol" comes from.. Would you like being fed more, troll?

LOL!! Now that I know what you do on Saturday nights, you're virginity is less of a mystery to me

I would but realized I would be buying an $80 3' plastic gun that goes "pew pew pew".

Not me. Just LE ( and controller if it comes to the UK/ Console if I get RROD before release date ).

Not me, the console is enough

Im thinking about it.

I also have that and the Epic Edition paid off.  I have $160 down on the console right now and I should have that paid off within the next month.

I am :) I already have it completely paid off as well as the epic edition.