Whos Choosing The Backwards Compatiable Games

I though Microsoft said that all that was needed to make a game backwards compatiable was for the game company to give the green light on the game. When you look at the list of current games you see things like Fable 2 and Assassin's Creed 2 and Im just left wondering why Fable Anniversary / 3 and all the other Assissin games arn't also backwards comp right now. Now I know that they can't just make all the games avaliable at the same time but why are Bio Shock 1-3 all coming out at the same time but not other game franchises.


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That's a question you'd have to ask the game developers.

Maybe some games are easier to make BC than others.

Me, I am!

Companies not only have to consider compatability with things like the camera,  but there is infrastructure for multiplayer or leaderboards, licensing for music, potential contractual payments for voice actors or developers.

While it sounds simple on paper,  there will still be hoops to jump through to get the games onto the Xbox one dashboards.

Major Nelson chose's them I believe

Supposed to be the Dev's deciding if they will be or not. The bc is an emulator, so it should just be testing. I wouldn't expect anything that has an X1 version available to be BC. (borderlands 1 is, but 2 & PreSeq aren't....) I  believe most of the AC games after 2 are available on X1 so thereyago.

I don't think we get Tropico 4 because we have Tropico 5 and it's multiplayer.