Whoever said this was pay to win?

Aside from the new set of Pax et balla (or whatever) operations where you can get 3 days of premium, WG is giving you 3 free days of premium time right now! All you must do is log into the official websit and at the top right of the screen where your name is there will be an option to activate bonus code.

Enter the code: PAXPRIME

all caps! enjoy!


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its not all bad of a game.

it has bonuses that are evident for players who do like tanks and do like the idea of tank class battles constantly.

as to what it offers .. the chance to diverse your tactics and learn coordinate and converse (if your lucky) and pretty much blow the c**p out of tanks =D

^^^it's true, free premium if you take the time and claim it...

Thank you very much. Just activated. Now to get to work on the 500,000 silver bonus.

I agree that you are correct about It NOT being a pay-to-win game, at all.

No matter how much you pay, it won't help you to win a match.

WoT is  a PAY-to-wait-less (Premium time) game, just like South Park showed in the "Freemium isn't Free" episode.

How else do you get people to pay for a game that isn't worth 40 cents?

I played the WoT and NEVER spent ANY money on it and I felt like they still owed me money, because the game experience was repetitive and uninteresting.

Good luck in your games!

Yes, that was the allure (or...the tease).

Too bad, their tanks ONLY look good, but play like a box of rocks.

The game design is so bad, that only a minute percentage of players pay for the "privilege" of driving poorly performing tanks with broken gun barrels.

If you found a way to enjoy it, then GOOD for you!

I couldn't take the disappointment, game-after-game-after-game.

However, I am thankful that playing the WoT taught me NOT to waste my time on Freemium games!

Good luck.

(Freemium is Latin for "Free" + "not really"       from "South Park")